Distributors Use the Star Advantage

Star is perfect for distributors because we specialize in Customer Service

• Star is unique in the industry in that 99% of our business is Pizza Boxes We do not make every box under the sun and try to be all things to all people Quantity results in a lot of stuff, not quality We deal with paper suppliers all over the country, we know the issues they create

• Star has the fastest turnaround times in the industry We make purchasing agents look like stars Quit making excuses for suppliers that run you out of product Or who are slow to respond to your issues

• Quotes are turned around faster than anyone in the industry

• Star can put someone in a custom box from start to finish faster than anyone in the industry

• Professionally trained art department to guide distributor reps through from start to finish

• Free samples to anywhere in the country

• Mixed Truck Loads Why inventory items for long periods when you don’t have to Quick inventory turns allow more space for more profitable items Why take truckloads of product, when Star can send what you need Competitively priced filler products to help distributor fill truckloads on profitable items Inserts, Circles, Pizza themed and custom cups (coming soon) Odd size boxes hard to find elsewhere Not just the traditional 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 box sizes But 9, 11, 13, 15, 16.5, 20, 24, 28, 18 x 25, 12 x 18, 8 x13, 9 x 13, 9 x18, 12 x 18, etc box sizes as well (B and E Flute)

• One stop shopping Star can put a variety of pizzeria products on the same truckload to maximize full truck load pricing at competitive pricing

• Flexibility Star can LTL and Fed Ex shipments direct to end users, distributor facilities when distributors have logistics/timing issues Star can print on short notice when necessary

• 4 Locations: Star is conveniently located in Lakeland, FL, Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Columbus, OH

Quality Product

• Star demands quality paper and product

• Star’s Custom printers are made only for Star and only for Pizza Boxes (surprisingly rare in the industry) The registration, clarity and quality are the very BEST in the industry Don’t settle for one color print and/or top of the box printing because of supplier limitations

• Star does not buy from the Pacific Rim Linerboard from overseas is often re-corrugated with water not to U. S. Standards Linerboard from overseas is not checked for quality at the ports Star boxes are AIB certified printed with inks that are food grade quality Star will not risk its reputation on inferior and non-regulated product. Why should you?

• Star is your Quality control department

• Star understands Pizza Boxes better than ANYONE, ANYWHERE

Competitive Pricing

• Star purchases paper in huge quantities

• Star buys with national contracts at the very best prices from the largest paper companies in the world Star passes those savings on to you

• Star is the only nationwide supplier of short-run custom pizza boxes

Star Experience

• Our ownership has been selling Pizza Boxes since they first came on the scene in the 1970’s

• Star was built from the ground up

• Ownership has owned and operated pizzerias (so we understand their needs/wants)

• Star is constantly training its suppliers AND customers on how to maintain the standards we demand

• Box designs are often developed by us and copied

Loyalty & Fairness

• Star is loyal to those distributors that are loyal to Star

• Star has a long history of fairness and integrity. Your relationship doesn’t change each time a salesman jumps ship

• Box pricing and box providers come and go, based on the condition of the economy Pizza boxes are our business and we’re not going anywhere

• When you go to market with Star, you are going to market with a name known for quality

Are You Utilizing the Star Advantage?