Frequently Asked Questions

How many colors can you print on my custom pizza box?

Star Pizza box’s printers are 3 station units, thus we can print a maximum of 3 colors on the tops and 1 color on the sides.

Can I use Pantone colors to match my current sign/logo/shirts/etc?

Star Pizza Box prints with GCMI inks which can be matched to Pantone colors, but it will incur an extra fee to buy the bucket of ink.

Can you use this photo on my custom pizza box?

Photos can be used in a pizza box design, but they will have to be converted to one color.  We do not print 4-color process on our boxes.

If I get printing plates made for a 12″ box, can I use those on a 10″ box later?

No, doesn’t work in that direction.

Can I get custom pizza boxes here in _?

See our locations on our Contact Page and if you are unsure, feel free to call the office closest to your area.

What is the general turnaround time?

Once artwork is approved and any applicable fees are taken care of, turnaround time is typically between 2-4 weeks depending on work load.

Why can’t I order direct from you?

One of the biggest reasons is to make best use of shipping costs as we only ship full truckloads (approx. 45,000 boxes).

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