Order Procedures


The program is designed to be simple, effective, and low hassle. One, two, or three colors available on the top of the box, and one color on all side panels. Your design will be printed on White or Kraft B flute boxes. Minimums are ten cases per size (500 boxes).


Step 1:

Call Star Pizza Box at 800-626-0828 or email us at info@starpizzabox.com

Step 2:

Sit back and relax while Star Pizza Box goes to work for you. We will find a local distributor near you and set you up with a sales representative. If a local distributor is unavailable, we offer the option of direct shipping.

Step 3:

Star will put you in contact with a member of our graphics team. We can use your existing logo or assist you with designing the perfect one to go on your custom box. After coming up with the design an art proof will be sent to you for approval.

Applicable printing plate fees will be collected before your custom box can be produced. Printing plates are needed for all custom designed pizza boxes and are a one-time, inexpensive fee.

Step 4:

The last step in getting your custom pizza box is to place an order with your Distributor’s representative or with Star Pizza Box directly. Depending on the Distributor’s ordering cycle from Star, you can expect your new custom pizza boxes within two to four weeks.

Design Resources



  • Please, NO placed or embedded images. Convert all fonts to paths, curves, or outlines
  • We prefer VECTOR ART created in Adobe Illustrator. or EPS format.

We accept art ONLY in the formats listed below.

Software: File Type: Suggested Preparation

Adobe Acrobat CS4 or lower:  .pdf:  Embed the fonts used or export as generic .eps
Adobe Illustrator CS4 or lower:  .ai, .eps:  Convert text to outlines save as CS4 or lower

The following formats are ACCEPTABLE, but there will be a $50 hourly rate for recreating the logo/artwork.

  • Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • GIF (*.gif)
  • JPEG (*.jpg,*.jpeg)
  • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd)
  • Word Document (*doc)
  • Excel File (*.exl)
  1. All graphics must be vector art.
  2. For multi-color printing, Colors must be separated by at least 1/16″ of white space or trapping between colors to allow for color movement of up to 1/8″ in any direction. See below for two photo illustrations of trapping.

    Notice the overlap which prevents any box color showing between the inks.

  3. All type must be saved as outlines. Minimum font size is 12 point.
  4. Minimum line weight:  2 point.
  5. Halftones/Screens: 30 lines, round dots only and allow for 25% dot gain.
  6. Screens or half-tones must be printed out at 30 lpi (lpi = spacing and size of dots) at a 30 degree angle, with tint percentages no lower than 30%.

Printing Plates Charge:

A one time plate charge is required on all first time orders. There is no charge for plates on exact repeats or re-orders.  The cost will be quote upon time of proofing.  For a general pricing guide, see the pdf pricing grid below.

Short Run Plate Costs